Top 4 Benefits of On-site Staffing Programs

Does your light industrial organization employ a large number of contingent workers? Has balancing the needs of your full-time workers with the needs of your ever-changing temporary workforce become a hassle? Do you wonder if you could be saving money with a more efficient staffing process?  

If the answer is yes, your organization might benefit from an on-site staffing program 

Many companies, particularly in the light industrial sector, have thousands of employees and require more during peak seasons or unexpected increases in demand. When demand increases, so do the number of invoices, paychecks, and HR issues, making managing such a large workforce overwhelming. An on-site team is an extension of your HR department, sourcing, hiring, onboarding, and managing your contingent workforce, streamlining your light industrial staffing process. 


How Does an On-site Staffing Program Work?

Light industrial temp agencies that offer on-site staffing services will place a manager (or management team, depending on the number of temporary workers) at your facility to oversee your contingent workforce. These managed staffing services will: 

  • Manage talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention 
  • Communicate changes in policy, procedure, or workflow to your contingent workers 
  • Handle communication with approved staffing suppliers 
  • Include detailed reporting and analytics on program performance 


On-site staffing services can help your organization remain optimally staffed during peak seasons and handle unexpected labor shortages throughout the year, allowing your internal team to focus on core business challenges. 

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What are the Benefits of On-site Staffing Programs?

Light industrial employers can benefit from on-site staffing programs at their facilities in many ways. Consider these advantages of managed services: 


#1 On-site Staffing Services Offer Workforce Scalability

Are you taking on large, new clients? Is your company growing? Are you planning to introduce new products or services this year? On-site staffing services can help you scale your workforce seamlessly, adjusting staffing levels faster and forecasting future needs as your business grows.  

With a manager on-site, your company will always have the light industrial staffing support it needs when it needs it. Staffing levels are continually assessed to keep you optimally staffed during changing seasonal demands—without burdening your HR department.  

Your on-site team will recruit, interview, screen, and have new employees ready to go to work for you at a moment’s notice, helping you reach your growth goals faster. 


#2 On-site Staffing Management Improves Efficiency

The managed staffing services included with the program don’t stop at hiring and onboarding. Your on-site team will also provide job order and supplier management services, a significant time savings for employers. You’ll receive one invoice for services instead of having to keep track of dozens of separate invoices.  

Your managed staffing services provider will provide a detailed report on program performance and local market and industry trends. By looking at your staffing needs as a whole, they will provide a unified strategy, taking into account all your requirements to deliver the highest ROI. 

As your company grows—and managing your workforce becomes more complex–your dedicated on-site team will grow with you. They will deeply understand your business and the requirements for each role, sourcing candidates quickly and efficiently to keep your business moving.  

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#3 On-site Staffing Programs Reduce Labor Costs

On-site staffing programs reduce labor costs for your organization in many ways. Having a manager or team focused on your staffing needs ensures you always have the right number of light industrial workers available. Their proximity to your business will allow them to adjust staffing levels to your business requirements quickly. 

Preventing overstaffing and understaffing is not the only way an on-site staffing program can save you money. You can also expect more highly qualified candidates. Your on-site team understands the job requirements of every role and will recommend candidates who are a great fit. Those candidates will likely be more productive and successful, leading to higher retention rates, and further savings. 

Your managed staffing services provider will continually analyze results to determine the program’s success and identify areas of improvement, optimizing your strategy and making the most of every staffing dollar. 


#4 Facility Productivity is Increased with On-site Staffing Management

Your on-site manager serves as a single point of contact for your contingent workers, streamlining communication and ensuring productivity. They understand how to: 

  • Motivate and encourage a temporary workforce
  • Keep morale high while addressing employee concerns in real time
  • Obtain feedback to reduce turnover
  • Foster partnerships with your on-site team to optimize performance


When an on-site resource available to perform check-ins, provide feedback, communicate changes, and resolve conflicts, temporary employees feel their needs are being addressed. They are often happier—and more productive.  

On-site staffing management also boosts productivity by providing: 

  • Timely employee performance reviews and feedback to ensure KPIs are being met
  • Safety education to keep workers safe on the job


On-site Staffing Services with Doherty

Doherty Staffing Solutions is a top light industrial temp agency in Minnesota with an exceptional on-site staffing program. Our coordinated supplier program offers custom workforce solutions that: 

  • Provide access to qualified candidates 
  • Streamline communications with clients and candidates 
  • Increase operational efficiencies 
  • Control labor costs 
  • Ensure safety is never compromised 
  • Provide dedicated staffing support 


As your dedicated on-site resource, we’ll recruit, hire, and onboard your large contingent workforce; improve the employment experience and maximize engagement; and provide analytics that help you forecast your hiring needs and reach your business goals faster. 

Looking for a single-source, customized staffing solution for your business? Let us bring our expertise to work for you. We are dedicated to providing results for your business and ensuring you have the people, solutions, and knowledge you need to stay fully staffed and productive. 

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