Hiring Solutions For Business

Flexible. Local. Connected.

Whether you run a startup or a traditional company, you need qualified people. And whether you're looking for a permanent 9-5 or a flexible short-term contract, you need employment. Doherty enables organizations and employees to connect successfully at the fast pace of the market.

Temporary Staffing

Our priority when providing temporary staffing is to understand your business. Whether you need one temporary worker for one day or a hundred employees to help you ramp up for a season or an extended project, Doherty will meet your requirements.

Temp-to-Hire Services

Doherty's temp-to-hire service is the best combination of temporary staffing and direct placement, enabling an organization and an employee to work together and determine whether both parties' expectations have been met. Companies can evaluate new employees, avoid the risk of a bad hire and keep a flexible workforce. Employees, likewise, can exercise their options to pursue better opportunities while building their experience and resumes.

Direct Hire

Our professional recruiting division specializes in executive talent search and manager-level job placement. We recruit experienced, qualified recruiting experts in the fields of engineering, industrial skilled trades, and supervisory or managerial roles in light industrial environments who are actively or passively seeking new job opportunities. Our executive recruiters focus on one industry and develop close relationships both with client companies and professional talent.

Coordinated Supplier Program

A Coordinated Supplier Program (CSP) is a custom workforce solution crafted for the light industrial business sector which utilizes Doherty’s employment experts to widen the access to candidates in a coordinated way through streamlining communication, increasing operational efficiencies, providing dedicated support, and controlling cost.

Vendor Management System Technology

Ultimately, it is the purpose of all business enterprises to produce maximum profits through increased revenues and cost control. As the largest line-item expense in every corporation’s budget, personnel costs demand regulation. APRU (Advanced Platform | Resources Unlimited) provides management oversight to ensure market-competitive bill rates/direct hire fees while maintaining quality standards in personnel submissions.


The Doherty Payrolling Program allows businesses to select and screen their workforce while still receiving the benefits of a staffing program. You select the employees, and Doherty becomes the employer of record. This solution allows you to add employees to your organization, without adding to your head count.

Customized Staffing Plans for Your Business Needs

Whether you're staffing for high-volume projects, recruiting for specific skill sets or building flexibility into your workforce, a partnership with Doherty means an innovative staffing solution tailored to your business. We specialize in high-volume, seasonal, and hard-to-fill positions.

Let Doherty's Employment Experts take on those tough HR responsibilities, so you can concentrate on what makes your business great!