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A Glossary of Staffing Terms

The Doherty Dictionary

This glossary of staffing vocabulary was created to help shed light on the many terms utilized throughout the recruiting and staffing process.

View the terms below to gain a better understanding of the staffing industry as a job seeker or business looking to partner with us!

1st Shifta daytime shift that typically starts in the early morning hours and ends in the mid-afternoon (espanol: primer turno | somali: galinka hore).

2nd Shiftan afternoon shift that typically starts in the early afternoon and ends in the evening (espanol: segundo turno | somali: galinka dhexe).

3rd Shiftan overnight shift that typically starts in the evening and ends in the early morning hours (espanol: tercer turno | somali: galinka dambe).

Accommodations: assistance or adaptations made to a particular task or job process for an employee (espanol: acomodaciones | somali: fududeyn).

Applicant: an individual that has completed an application for a particular job opportunity (espanol: solicitante | somali: codsade).

Applicant Tracking System (ATS): a system utilized by Doherty and other employment agencies to help house, organize, and track information such as applications, resumes, interview schedules, etc. collected throughout the hiring process (espanol: sistema de seguimiento de candidatos | somali: nidaamka raad raaca codsadaha).

Background Check: a pre-employment screening conducted regarding an applicant’s previous employment references and/or criminal background history; click here to learn more about Doherty’s background check process (espanol: verficacion de antecedentes penales | somali: baaritaanka asalka).

Benefits in a Card (BIAC): a health insurance program in place for Doherty’s temporary workforce. Click here to learn more about the employee benefits in place at Doherty (espanol: beneficios | somali: kaarka caafimaadka).

Candidate: an individual that is starting the job seeking process and is interested in applying for new employment opportunities (espanol: candidato | somali: musharax).

Client Company: a local business that has partnered with Doherty to help full their open employment opportunities (espanol: empresa cliente | somali: shirkada macmiilka).

Contract Job: a position that is available at a fixed amount of time; a temporary employment opportunity that allows candidates job flexibility and can be a starting point in an industry or resume-building opportunity (espanol: rol de contrato or trabajo de contrato | somali: doorka qandaaraska).

Cover Letter: a written document submitted with a candidate’s resume while completing the application process; typically highlights key skills, details specific interest in the role and highlights applicable experiences based on the job requirements (espanol: carta de presentacion | somali: warqad ku lifaaqan waraaqo kale oo wax kasi sheegta).

Direct Hirean employment opportunity that requires no trial period before being hired on at a client company; a position that will be recruited for by Doherty, but the employee will immediately begin working for the client company (espanol: contrato directo | somali: shaqaaleyn toos ah).

DSS: an acronym utilized to represent Doherty Staffing Solutions.

DTEE: an acronym utilized to represent Doherty | The Employment Experts. This is the over-arching brand tagline and umbrella name used to represent Doherty Staffing Solutions and sister company, Dahl Consulting.

Employee: an individual that was placed on a job assignment at a client company through Doherty (espanol: empleado | somali: Shaqaala).

Employment Agency: a company that connects job seekers with local businesses in need of new talent (espanol: agencia de trabajo | somali: hey’ada shaqaleynta).

Employment Expert: a recruiting and staffing specialist at Doherty who utilizes their employment industry knowledge to assist job seekers and local businesses (espanol: experto en empleo | somali: ku taqasusay shaqaaleynta).

Entry-level: an opportunity that has little-to-no previous experience required to be a qualified candidate; a role that will provide on-the-job training (espanol: nivel entrante | somali: darajada bilowga).

Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE): an employer that does not discriminate against an individual (applicant, candidate, or employee) due to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability or age (espanol: Empleador de Igualdad de Oportunidades | somali: Shaqaleeya u bixiya).

Light Industrial Jobs: These are typically temporary and temp-to-hire positions. Most are entry-level positions (e.g., packagingassembly) and can either be long-term or day-to-day assignments. Skilled production jobs (e.g., machine operatormaterial handler) are usually temp-to-hire positions with a regular, full-time schedule (espanol: Trabajos industriales ligeros | somali: shaqooyinka fud fudud ee warshadaha).

Office or Administrative Positions: These employment options can range from temporary or temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions. Office or administrative jobs may include clerical assistant, customer service representative, call center representative, accounting/finance assistant, data entry specialist, office manager, general office support, and more (espanol: trabajos de oficina o administrativos | somali: xafiis ama shaqooyin dhanka maamulka).

Payrolling: a service provided by Doherty for clients that have sourced their own candidates; Doherty then manages onboarding, payments, benefits, and serves as the employer of record on behalf of the client (espanol: administrador de nómina | somali: mushaar bixinta).

Pre-employment assessment: a test that may occur during the application process; typically used to gauge the candidate’s skillset or experience with specific tools, i.e. dexterity assessments for assembly roles or math exams for accounting & finance positions (espanol: evaluacion de pre empleo | somali: qiimeynta ka hor inta aan qofka la shaqaaleyn).

Placement: occurs when a client has extended an offer and an individual has accepted it, thus becoming an employee (espanol: contratar | somali: meeleyn).

Recruiter: an employment expert that will assist candidates and employees throughout the job seeking and interviewing processes, as well as answer questions or resolve issues while an individual is on assignment at a client (espanol: reclutador/a | somali: soo shaqaaleeya ama so diwaan galiya).

Remote Workan employment opportunity that will allow individuals to work from home (espanol: trabajo remoto | somali: shaqa laga shaqeeynaya meel ka baxsan meeshi logu tala galay).

Resume: a formal document submitted during the application process that summarizes a candidate’s previous job experiences, education level, skillset and qualifications related to the position they are applying to (espanol: curriculum vitae | somali: taariikh wax qabad iyo wax barasha qofeed).

Rotating Shifta work schedule that may vary on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (espanol: turno giratorio | somali: kaltimid joogta ah).

Specialized Careers: direct hire or contract positions requiring specialized skill sets within the industries of engineeringmanagement, information technology, information services, finance/accounting, and other highly skilled jobs (espanol: Carreras especializadas | somali: xirfada aqoon gaar ah u baahan).

Staffing: the process of sourcing talent for open job opportunities and showcasing the candidate’s qualifications for a role to a client company for potential hire (espanol: contratar | somali: shaqaaleynta).

Staffing Agency: a company that connects job seekers with local businesses in need of new talent (espanol: agencia de trabajo | somali: hey’ada shaqaaleynta).

Staffing Specialist: an employment expert or recruiter that will assist candidates and employees throughout the job seeking and interviewing processes, as well as answer questions or resolve issues while an individual is on assignment at a client company (espanol: especialista en contratacion | somali: qof ku taqasusay qaabka wax lo shaqaaleya).

Temporary: synonymous with contract; an employment opportunity that is available for a fixed amount of time; a position that can be an excellent starting point in an industry or a resume-building role (espanol: temporario | somali: kumeel gaar).

Temp-to-hire/contract-to-hire (TTH)a job opportunity that requires a trial period be completed through Doherty before being hired on directly by the client company (espanol: trabajo de contrato | somali: kumeel gaar ku socota shaqaaleyn / qandaraas ku socota shaqaaleyn).

Vendor Management System (VMS): a software system or tool used to centrally manage clients’ contingent workforce. Learn more about our Vendor Management System, APRU.

Woman-Owned: a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by a female; a business must meet specific criteria to be eligible and certified as a woman-owned business; learn more about Doherty’s certification as a woman-owned business (espanol: empresa de negocio de mujeres | somali: milkiilaha wa qof dumar ah).

WBE: Women’s Business Enterprise; learn more about Doherty’s certification as a woman-owned business and our involvement in the WBENC (espanol: empresa empresarial de mujeres | somali: mashruuca ganacsiga haweenka).

WBENC-certified: a business that has completed an intense process and has been certified as a woman-owned business by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council; learn more about Doherty’s involvement in the WBENC.

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