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If you are a job seeker looking for a new employment opportunity, Doherty is here to help.

As Employment Experts, we can assist you with resume tips, interview advice, & more!

If you’re having trouble finding work on your own, consider calling a staffing agency for help. Staffing agencies, like Doherty Staffing Solutions, offer services that are 100% free to job seekers and employees. Recruiters partner with businesses that are hiring and can help job seekers get work more quickly by optimizing your resume or coaching you for interviews, and they also serve as an advocate for both you, as a prospective employee, and the hiring company.

  • Consider Partnering with an Expert | Connect with a Doherty Recruiter for help navigating the opportunities available in your area based on your skills and needs. Utilize The Doherty Dictionary to understand key terms used in the staffing industry.
  • Know What You’re Looking For in a Role | Ask yourself, what makes you happy in your job? This article will help you identify the aspects that are most important to you at work in order to determine the best next step for your career.
  • Learn How To Land a New Job Quickly | In a hurry to land your next role? Here are 5 Quick Tips for Your Job Search in Today’s Volatile Hiring Environment.

Candidates are surprised to hear that experienced recruiters can look at a resume for under 10 seconds, and make a judgment on whether they are qualified or not. So how do you get your career accomplishments across in just a few seconds?

Interviews can be intimidating, but these tips can help you feel confident and prepared! Whether it’s virtual or in-person, these interview best practices can make you stand out from other candidates. View & download our virtual checklist & interview tip infographics.

  • Look the Part & Act the Part | Arriving to an interview looking & acting the part can help raise your confidence & make you more feel comfortable.
  • Quick Tips for a Successful Video Interview | Learn how to prepare, set up, and execute an excellent virtual interview.
  • Pre-interview Preparations & Interview Guidance | Use these tips to prepare beforehand, and what to cover during the interview itself!
  • Questions to Ace | Prepare answers to these common interview questions.
  • Questions to Ask | You’re not the only one being interviewed; this is a great time to see if the company is a good fit for YOU and your needs.