Why Minnesota Employers Should Outsource Light Industrial Staffing Services

Outsourcing your light industrial staffing services in Minnesota can benefit your business in many ways. Temporary staffing services can help your company reduce overhead expenses, hire light industrial workers faster, access temporary and permanent light industrial workers, outsource hard-to-fill light industrial jobs, and gain workforce flexibility. Here we’ll discuss the top five advantages of working with a light industrial staffing agency in Minnesota.

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Light Industrial Staffing Services in Minnesota

#1 Reduce Overhead Expenses

One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing your light industrial staffing needs is the ability to reduce overhead expenses. When you work with a staffing agency, you don’t need to worry about the costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training employees. The staffing agency takes care of all those details. You pay only the hourly rate. Temporary employees work at your location, but they remain the employee of the staffing agency.

The staffing company is responsible for tax compliance, payroll,  benefits and unemployment insurance. This saves employers administrative costs and the time needed to spend on the hiring process.

Hiring costs employers both time and money. When you rely on a staffing company to provide the light industrial workers you need, you will be able to meet tight production deadlines while holding down overhead costs.

When you are understaffed, it’s easy to lose control of expenses. You spend too much on overtime. Turnover increases because employees are overworked and get burned out. A temporary staffing agency can quickly provide the staff you need to address increases in demand without adding to your permanent headcount.

#2 Hire Light Industrial Workers Faster

When you need to hire light industrial workers quickly, working with a staffing agency can be a great solution. Staffing agencies often have access to a pool of qualified candidates who are ready to start work immediately. This means that you can fill open positions much faster than if you were to try to recruit and hire employees on your own, as these employees are pre-qualified. They have already been through all the necessary testing, assessments, and reference checking and are ready to contribute.

If the staffing agency does not already have individuals with the skills you need on staff, they will work proactively to locate the ideal candidate for your specific vacancy. They handle this legwork while you focus on other priorities.

Because sourcing, screening, and hiring is what they do, they can complete the process much faster. They have systems in place to complete all associated tasks quickly and efficiently. They don’t need to push aside other duties to make time to hire.

#3 Gain Access to Temporary and Permanent Light Industrial Workers

A light industrial staffing agency in Minnesota can provide temporary and permanent workers, depending on your needs. That means you always have the flexibility you need to manage the ups and downs of business demands. If you choose your staffing partner wisely, you can use the same firm to recruit permanent light industrial workers as you do for temporary staffing services.

Temporary-to-hire is also an option, which allows you to try an employee on the job. The staffing agency provides a worker for a short period, and you can decide whether to hire them permanently. This service is especially useful if you need to determine whether you want to hire someone permanently or just need extra help during a busy season.

Staffing agencies are always recruiting. They continually add to their staff by engaging on social networking sites and attending in-person networking events, conferences, and job fairs. They maintain a database of currently employed candidates they can reach out to when the right opportunity arises.

#4 Outsource Hard-to-Fill Light Industrial Jobs

Some light industrial jobs, such as specialized or technical positions, can be hard to fill. A staffing agency can help you find the right candidate for these types of jobs. They have a vast network of workers and have the expertise to match the right candidate with the right position. When you require specialized skills for specific projects, a light industrial staffing agency in Minnesota can provide talent on demand. They have connections throughout the community. If they don’t know a suitable employee, they can get a referral or leverage industry organizations with members who can refer people who suit your needs.

Staffing agencies excel in these situations that require real dedication to hunt down just the right employee. Employers don’t have the time or resources to focus on this narrow search – at least not without disrupting the flow of business.

#5 Temporary Staffing Services Provide Workforce Flexibility

Outsourcing your light industrial staffing needs also adds flexibility to your workforce. With temporary staffing services, you can adjust the number of workers you have on staff depending on your company’s needs. This is especially helpful during times of high demand or unexpected changes in your business.

Staffing needs can vary – sometimes unpredictably. Excessive absences, sudden demand, or a bumped deadline can leave you scrambling for workers. But hiring full-time employees can cause you to add needlessly to overhead – a move that can hurt in the long run. A responsive staffing agency can turn this kind of job order around quickly, so there is no disruption to your business.

By the same token, there are increased staffing needs you do see coming, such as seasonal demand, winning a large bid, or adding a shift. A staffing agency with a more strategic model may be just what you need when this arises. Temporary staffing services can help you meet variable demands by providing the people you need when you need them.

How to Choose a Light Industrial Staffing Agency in Minnesota

As an employer, you probably know there is no shortage of staffing agencies in Minnesota to choose from. But if you put in the time upfront to ensure you select the right partner for your specific needs, it will save you time and money in the long run. If you’re wondering how to accomplish this task, here are a few ideas. There are important factors to consider when it comes to finding the right light industrial staffing agency in Minnesota.

Determine Whether You Need Direct Hire or Temporary Staffing Services

The first step in choosing the right staffing agency in Minnesota is determining whether you need direct hire or temporary staffing services. Before engaging with a staffing agency, consider your precise hiring needs. Direct hire and temporary are general terms. Drill down to specifics. Are your direct hire vacancies typically full-time vacancies for entry to mid-level jobs, or are they supervisory and management roles? Do you usually need temporary employees for six months at a time or fill-ins here and there? It can make a difference in whom you choose.

Direct hire staffing agencies will typically help you find employees for full-time, permanent positions, while temporary staffing agencies will provide employees for shorter-term or temporary assignments. If you need a company that can do both, take time to perform due diligence to ensure you have the right match. Choosing a company that can assist with your present needs as well as future demands is a smart business decision that can save you time and money.

Research Staffing Agencies in Minnesota that Specialize in the Light Industrial Industry

Once you know what type of staffing services you need, it’s important to research staffing agencies in Minnesota that specialize in the light industrial industry. Look for agencies that have experience working with businesses in your industry, as they will likely have a better understanding of the specific skills and qualifications required for light industrial positions.

Not only is the light industrial industry its own animal, but there are also many sub-specialties within the field. Each staffing agency will have access to different kinds of talent. If you ask the average person what light industrial staffing is, they will probably have a general sense of assembly jobs or pick, pack, and ship warehouse jobs. In reality, a broad range of light industrial jobs exist, including food processing, clean rooms, advanced manufacturing, automotive, and energy, just to name a few. They each require different skills and abilities, whether it’s the capacity to lift heavy parts or having a delicate touch to work on sensitive components. The right light industrial staffing agency will understand your specific industry and will have access to the right talent.

Ask About Their Screening Process

When evaluating staffing agencies, it’s also important to ask about their screening process. A reputable agency should have a thorough screening process in place to ensure that all employees are qualified and capable of performing the job. This might include employment history, background checks, drug tests, and skill assessments.

Because staffing agencies are focused on working with large numbers of candidates, they would be lost without a structured process proven by years of consistent success. But because every business has different needs, it’s essential to ask questions. You may not care about background checks, but be adamant that drug tests be conducted. You may not require a lot of experience for a position as long as the candidate has a good attitude and work ethic. When you’re considering light industrial staffing agencies in Minnesota, be sure to ask plenty of questions.

The key steps to choosing a light industrial staffing agency in Minnesota include determining whether you need direct hire or temporary staffing services, researching staffing agencies in Minnesota that specialize in the light industrial industry, and asking about their screening process. By following these steps, you can be confident that you are working with a reputable agency that can provide you with the qualified employees you need to grow your business.

Ready to Outsource Your Staffing Services? Partner with Minnesota’s Top Light Industrial Staffing Agency

Outsourcing your light industrial staffing services in Minnesota can bring many advantages to your organization. From reducing overhead expenses to gaining access to temporary and permanent workers, working with a light industrial staffing agency in Minnesota can help you meet your staffing needs while providing flexibility and cost savings. If you need light industrial staffing in Minnesota, work with a reputable staffing agency like Doherty Staffing Solutions. We have the means and resources to help you achieve your business goals.

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CSP is our proprietary program designed specifically for the light industrial sector. It combines a hands-on approach with cutting-edge technology to manage multiple staffing relationships. If you need a method of managing your large temporary staff that will streamline communication, increase operational efficiency, and control staffing costs, our CSP program may be the answer.

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