Using AI to Improve Your Job Search: Benefits and Resources

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, with widespread impacts on virtually every industry. The staffing industry is no exception, with recruiters and job seekers utilizing AI tools to streamline their processes. The benefits of AI in recruitment will differ depending on who is using the tool, but there are positive impacts for both recruiters and job seekers.

AI tools for recruiters can help to streamline the hiring process by automating repetitive tasks, screening candidates, or sending communications such as emails or text messages. Because AI makes the process much faster on the recruiters’ end, it also speeds up response times and benefits applicants.

In this article, we will focus specifically on how the newest advancement in artificial intelligence, Generative AI, can help job seekers, highlighting some of the best available tools and how you can utilize these tools to boost your job search.

How AI Can Help with Your Job Search

Generative AI tools (defined as machine learning that is able to produce text, video, images, and other types of content) provide many benefits to candidates, contributing to the quick acceptance and utilization of these tools. In fact, within five days of launching, ChatGPT boasted over one million users. This rapid uptake happened for job seekers as well, with a February survey conducted by finding that out of 1,000 people surveyed, 46% of job seekers already used ChatGPT for their resumes or cover letters.

One of the most obvious benefits of utilizing generative AI for your job search is the time that it can save. Generative AI tools can help you create a resume and cover letter within seconds based on your job history, skills, and experience. Depending on the platform, the initial output for resumes and cover letters can be altered according to your personal preference; for example, you could ask ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, or another similar app to make your resume sound “more professional” or “simplified.” Regardless, it is always best practice to insert your own edits instead of just copying and pasting.

In addition to helping with resumes and cover letters, certain AI platforms will help you find jobs that are most relevant to you, so you can use your time more effectively in pursuing the jobs that are a good fit for you instead of scrolling endlessly through jobs that are not of personal interest. Some AI platforms can even auto-apply for jobs determined to be a good fit or present jobs to you directly to apply for.

One of the newer generative AI perks for job seekers is helping you prepare for interviews. These tools provide practice questions based on what kind of jobs you are looking for. This can be valuable as it provides you with relevant questions to practice and can help you feel more comfortable, prepared, and confident.

Ultimately, these perks can reduce stress levels by making your job search more efficient, and put your best foot forward. Although these perks are very impactful, it can be challenging to determine what generative AI platforms perform best or meet your needs in your job search process, which is why we have gathered a few different options for each perk we covered to help you get started!

Best AI Tools for Job Seekers

Finding Jobs With AI Tools

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of your job search is just that, searching for jobs. Luckily, with AI, you can quickly discover jobs that are relevant to you.

One of the tools that are great at finding jobs that would be a good fit is The Job For Me. This tool allows you to get started by simply uploading your resume or connecting it with your LinkedIn profile and email address. After the AI tool finds jobs it deems a match, you will receive an email to complete the sign-up process to view them. While The Job For Me is not free, it has three different subscription options and two different billing options, making it more accessible and flexible.

Another great AI platform for finding relevant jobs is Sonara, which not only identifies jobs but can also automatically apply to them for you, saving even more time. Sonara prompts users to complete a questionnaire and upload their resumes; then, the AI goes to work finding and applying for jobs on your behalf. The platform provides a dashboard for users to view their job queues and sent applications, simplifying keeping track of applications during the job search process. This platform also offers three different subscription options, plus a free three-day trial.

AI Tools for Resumes and Cover Letters

Writing organized and engaging resumes and cover letters is a key component of any job search, but it can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you are creating a new resume for every job you apply for. This is where generative AI can be a huge help in your job search, as your experience and skills can be easily converted into a professional resume, providing a great starting point. There are a variety of generative AI platforms currently available dedicated to crafting resumes and cover letters. These include kickresume,, and OpenAI.

Kickresume is powered by OpenAI and can craft a professional and stylish resume and cover letter for you with very minimal input. The platform also offers a service that will create a webpage based on your resume and cover letter, which is a great opportunity to create a better online presence. All three of these services can be customized according to your personal taste. Additionally, this platform offers a jobs board, resume checker, and more, making it a comprehensive option for a reasonable price. is a similar generative AI tool, offering both a resume and a cover letter builder. You can upload an existing resume or customize each section manually, or choose from AI-backed templates and suggestions. also offers templates for cover letters based on job titles that can be easily edited and downloaded within the platform. This generative AI platform is a great option for those looking for a cost-effective solution, as their services are completely free.

OpenAI, or ChatGPT, is also a solid option for those looking for a free generative AI solution to build a resume. While ChatGPT does not provide you with a downloadable or customizable template, it is still valuable to provide you with the text content of your resume or cover letter. You can ask ChatGPT to create a resume based on your existing resume, job title, or job description, providing flexibility around which output you think is the most fitting.

AI Tools for Interview Prep

Preparing for interviews is critical for success and can help you land the job you’re passionate about. The following AI tools can be a fantastic resource for you to go into your next interview more confidently. is a free platform that generates practice questions for you based on a job description that you can copy and paste from positions you are interested in. You can record your answers and get immediate feedback, as well as a sample response of how you could answer the question even better. After you complete three practice questions, will provide you with a summary of each question and bulleted information about the feedback that the AI provided.

CareerHub AI is a comprehensive career platform, including interview preparation. Users can receive personalized interview questions and answers tailored to specific jobs. This robust AI tool also offers a resource to help you discover potential career paths, estimate your market value, create a cover letter, and get personalized career advice. This platform is very affordable, with several free tools or full access to everything for a one-time charge.

Cautionary Advice for Using AI in Your Job Search

Although AI tools can be used to accelerate and simplify your job search, it is important to remember that AI should not be doing all of the work for you. Generative AI tools specifically can only work from the input that you provide them, so it is critical to make sure that your actual skills and experience are not being misconstrued. Additionally, generative AI tools can generate false or misleading information, commonly referred to as “AI hallucinations.” To make sure that your resume and cover letter do not include AI hallucinations, it is helpful to be as specific as possible in your generative AI interactions/requests, include personalized details specific to your skills and experience, and of course, always proofread and edit the AI’s work.

Because AI is a machine, it can often generate formulaic-sounding responses, so, in addition to “fact-checking” your resumes and cover letters, you should also make sure to customize outputs to sound authentic to your voice and context. Generative AI responses should primarily be used as a starting point, not a catch-all for every step of the process. Templates can help you jumpstart your own ideas that can be expanded upon. Additionally, generative AI tools such as ChatGPT can be used in tandem with other AI templates and tools for rewording or adjusting your writing to read more clearly or professionally.

Connect With a Recruiter to Learn More

Navigating your job search, even when utilizing AI, can be challenging. Connecting with a recruiter can help you to make real, human connections, find jobs that are the perfect fit on more than just paper, speed up the job search process, and more. Doherty Staffing Solutions is backed by over 40 years of employment expertise, and our dedicated team is eager to help you with your job search! Get started today!