Why more Women are Considering Manufacturing Careers in MN

Manufacturing has been a male-dominated field since its inception, with most types of manufacturing and light industrial jobs filled by men rather than women. There are a variety of reasons for this, from women choosing other types of work, choosing to stay out of the workforce entirely, and unfair stereotypes about this kind of work not being “right” for women.

Luckily, all of that is changing.

In 2023, female employment in the manufacturing industry reached its height. A total of 3.77 million female workers are currently working in the manufacturing sector, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). That’s 29% of the entire manufacturing workforce – nearly a third. More and more women today are exploring the manufacturing field and finding success and happiness in their careers in the industry.

Why are more women taking on manufacturing and light industrial jobs in Minnesota and beyond? What are the benefits of this career path? Keep reading to find answers and learn how a manufacturing and light industrial job placement agency can help you break into the field.

Why are More Women Applying for Manufacturing and Light Industrial Jobs in Minnesota?

In the job market as a whole, women are outpacing men when it comes to gaining jobs. According to the Wall Street Journal, women have gained more jobs than men for four straight months, including during January’s hiring surge. And the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that women represent 47% of the entire workforce as well as 52% of all professionals and managers.

So, why now? Why are women applying for more manufacturing and light industrial jobs in Minnesota and other manufacturing hubs around the country? There are several reasons.

Like other industries, the manufacturing sector is starting to embrace a more inclusive workplace that recognizes and celebrates diverse viewpoints and approaches, including those of women. Over the past few years, many manufacturing organizations have made a conscious effort to hire more women and encourage more women to enter the field.

Another reason for the influx of women in manufacturing? During the height of the pandemic, many women left the workforce for childcare reasons and other family obligations. With the pandemic (mostly) behind us, those women are returning to the workforce.

Last but not least, in today’s candidate-driven job market, manufacturers are offering historically high pay and other perks in order to entice the best people to join their organizations. Women are taking advantage of the trend and capitalizing on the opportunities that are available right now.

A Light Industrial Job Placement Agency in Minnesota Shares the Benefits of Manufacturing Careers for Women 

If you’re considering a career in manufacturing, there are plenty of great reasons to make the jump. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of manufacturing careers for women.

Manufacturing and Light Industrial Jobs Pay Well in Minnesota 

One of the best reasons for women to consider joining Minnesota’s manufacturing sector is the pay. According to NAM, manufacturing workers in the United States earned $95,990 a year on average, with average hourly earnings of production and nonsupervisory workers sitting at $25.80 per hour. With plenty of opportunities to earn good pay, it makes sense that more women are joining the light industrial and manufacturing fields around the country.

In addition to pay, manufacturing workers are eligible to earn great benefits. NAM’s research shows that 91% of manufacturing employees were eligible for health insurance benefits in 2022, which is significantly higher than the 78% average for all fields.

Women in Manufacturing Can Enjoy a Flexible Work/Life Balance

Now more than ever, workers are valuing their own work/life balance and prioritizing their wellness in the workplace. And a big part of work/life balance is having flexibility in your schedule and various options of when and how you work.

In the manufacturing field, there are a variety of shift opportunities – first, second, and third shifts, as well as the possibility of flexible start and end times, hybrid scheduling, and even remote opportunities. If you don’t want to get stuck in the traditional nine-to-five, the manufacturing field is a great way to give yourself the work/life balance that is so important.

Manufacturing and Light Industrial Jobs Provide Several Leadership Opportunities for Minnesotan Women 

Another great thing about the manufacturing sector is the opportunity it provides women to advance into leadership roles. There are plenty of managerial and supervisory roles available, and even women with little to no experience in manufacturing may be able to leverage leadership experience in other fields. Remember: more than half of the entire workforce’s professionals and managers are comprised of women. The manufacturing sector should be no different, and manufacturing companies who are committed to gender equality and closing the pay gap will be even more inclined to encourage women to take on leadership roles in the manufacturing field.

Manufacturing Jobs Give Minnesotan Workers a Sense of Accomplishment 

In some fields, workers can start to feel like they’re simply running on the hamster wheel, working toward an abstract goal that never seems to materialize. One of the benefits of working in manufacturing is that this kind of work often involves creating something tangible – a real product that is used by real people. Women who work in manufacturing can gain satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in creating something useful, from electronics to household items to medical devices and much, much more. So many of the materials and items people use in everyday life are made by manufacturers, and that can make a big difference when it comes to job satisfaction.

How Can a Light Industrial Employment Agency in Minnesota Help Women Jumpstart a Career in Manufacturing? 

Are you interested in launching your career in manufacturing? A light industrial employment agency in Minnesota can help. Here’s how:

A Light Industrial Job Placement Agency Will Provide Training & Support

Professional manufacturing recruiters don’t just apply to jobs on your behalf. Their involvement in your job search and career path goes deeper – they’ll help you with any training and certification that might be required and support you through every step of the journey. Light industrial recruiters can also help you polish your resume and prepare for interviews, ensuring that you make the best first impression on hiring managers.

Light Industrial Employment Agencies are Connected to Minnesota’s Top Manufacturing Employers 

Manufacturing and light industrial job placement agencies spend years building large networks and connecting with top employers in Minnesota. They can connect you with desirable opportunities in the field that you might not be able to find on your own. In fact, because many manufacturing companies choose not to post their job openings on the major job boards, and instead reach out directly to recruiters to source top talent, you gain exclusive access to top positions when you partner with a light industrial employment agency.

Light Industrial Recruiters are Free to Job Seekers 

Worried about the cost of partnering with a light industrial recruiter? Don’t be – it’s completely free. All fees are paid by the company that hires you – you don’t pay a dime to work with your recruiter. Your recruiter will take the time to get to know you, including your skills, work history, and job requirements, in order to match you with an opportunity that checks all the boxes.

Ready for a New Job? Work with the Top Manufacturing and Light Industrial Employment Agency in Minnesota 

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