Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Video interviews allow for more flexibility and can save both candidates & employers time, but they do require a bit more preparation. Utilize these tips for success!


Prepare for a virtual interview as you would for an in-person interview.
  • Research the Company & what they do beforehand.
  • Have 2-5 questions prepared & written down to ask the Interviewer.
  • Practice your interview skills & responses to commonly asked questions with a friend or family member prior.
  • Even though it’s a virtual interview, still dress to impress & maintain good posture throughout.


Choose a quiet location with minimal distractions & test your technology. 
  • Choose a quiet location in your home for your computer setup and use a virtual background if needed.
  • Test your technology beforehand. Log in to the interview platform and test your video & sound capabilities.
  • Check your lighting and avoid low or poorly lit locations. Add a lamp to the side of you if needed!
  • Avoid sitting with a window or bright light behind you; this will cause glare for the Interviewer.


Let your preparation & personality shine! 
  • “Arrive” a few minutes early, as you would for an in-person interview.
  • While answering questions, look into the camera to make eye contact with the Interviewer.
  • Be mindful of your body language. Smile & show you’re actively engaged while listening.
  • Add a slight pause before answering questions to account for any lag time & signal when you’ve finished your response to avoid talking over the Interviewer.