Performance Reviews: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

To an employee, a performance evaluation/review is a big deal – after all, it only happens once or twice a year. To the manager responsible for reviewing large groups of direct reports, it can be easy to make mistakes that drastically impact the quality of the conversation and create unfortunate pitfalls in this important employee feedback process.

In our newest issue of Discover Doherty, an eMagazine created by Doherty Staffing Solutions, we’ve highlighted five common mistakes to avoid while conducting a performance evaluation, and some alternate ways to handle each situation. These performance pitfalls will be addressed:

1. How waiting until the annual evaluation to address issues can lead to misaligned expectations.

2. Why arriving to the review without backup could be a complete catastrophe.

3. How valuing personality over performance will get you in trouble, in more ways than you think.

4. Why asking filler questions about vague, big picture ideas aren’t the best use of time.

5. How giving answers you may not be prepared to provide could create communication confusion on your team.

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