11 General Workplace Safety Tips

At Doherty, our entire business revolves around people and relationships…and nothing is more important than the safety of our employees.

Doherty’s primary objective is to ensure the health and safety of our contingent workforce. With this focus, we’ve highlighted 11 best practices for fostering a safe work environment with these general safety rules..

While held to a minimum, the rules address behaviors and work practices that can lead to accidents and injuries. Each employee should become familiar with and follow Doherty’s General Safety Rules when working in a light industrial environment. In addition, supervisors must enforce safe work practices through strict adherence to these rules.

Doherty’s General Safety Rules:

  • Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or any drug that impairs judgment or performance, whether prescribed or not, is prohibited.
  • Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or any drug that impairs judgment or performance, whether prescribed or not, is prohibited.
  • Horseplay, fighting, throwing objects and practical jokes are prohibited.
  • Only perform the jobs you have been assigned and trained to do.
  • Always wear or use all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as: safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, etc.
  • Keep your work area clean and neat. Pick up slip and trip hazards (such as nuts, nails, pieces of wire, paper, cardboard, waste materials, etc.,) and dispose of them in labeled waste containers.
  • Do not allow emergency exits, fire protection, and safety equipment to be blocked.
  • Use the right tool for the job, and only use a tool for the purpose for which it is designed.
  • If you find any defects in equipment and tools, do not use the tool or equipment and report the defect to your supervisor immediately.
  • Never operate damaged equipment, or equipment with missing guards/required protection devices.
  • Stay out of the way of forklifts, powered pallet jacks, or any other powered industrial trucks and their loads.
  • Do not approach a load being deposited by a forklift until the truck has backed away from the load.
  • Wearing acrylic fingernail extensions (or fingernail extensions made of any other material) is prohibited in production areas and when working with or around moving machinery.

Remember, workplace safety cannot exist on rules and policies, alone! A safe working environment is based on how well the people adhere to, and communicate about, safety rules. The foundation of any successful workplace safety effort is one that encourages employees to identify unsafe behaviors and opportunities for improvement, while also making well-informed safety decisions during routine tasks throughout their work day.

In addition to these safety rules, there may be additional ones to follow, based on our client companies’ policies, product lines/outputs, and/or work environments. Our workforce is expected to follow all of the client company’s verbal, written, and posted safety rules, and always use safe work practices.

Workplace safety begins with you!