6 Benefits of Reputation Management for Your Business

Written by Adam Conrad at Great Recruiters

More than 41% of companies who received negative online reviews or critical social media comments said their revenue and brand value were badly hit. Luckily, you have more control over your online reputation than you realize. How your company is perceived to customers is certainly vital, how it’s perceived to potential employees is equally important in today’s competitive hiring market! Here are a few of the perks of staying on top of your online reputation.

1. Improve candidate experience and recruiter performance.
Recruiters are on the front line of your company for potential employees. You can stay in control of your recruiters’ reputations by asking for candidate feedback throughout the hiring process. By asking early and often, you’ll make sure every candidates thinking about joining your company is getting an authentic and positive experience.

2. Collect reviews and testimonials along the way.
If you’re like most companies, you’ve lost candidates and never found out why. By asking for feedback throughout the hiring process, you can pivot before a candidate ghosts you. This can easily be accomplished by having a link to a simple online form that is available to collect candidate feedback. This tool allows you to hear from potential employees in a candid way so you can stay in touch with their experience.

3. Attract more positive reviews, and topple negative ones.
Happy candidates rarely leave a review unless you ask for one. And it’s the unhappy candidates who typically leave reviews online. When candidates have the option to leave a review with you first through your feedback form, they’re less likely to leave a second review elsewhere. You’ll catch valuable feedback and leave candidates with a warm feeling about your company.

4. Share your great reviews across multiple channels.
When you’re in control of collecting your reviews, you’re also in control of displaying and sharing them! Make sure you’re sharing that great feedback to Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn or embedding your kudos into an email or blog post.

5. Compare reviews across departments and industries.
Your hiring team’s performance is only a small part of the bigger picture of your company’s reputation. You’re all part of the same team, so everyone’s reputation is your reputation! Knowing how your entire company is faring with their candidate interactions, interviews and other steps will give you a clearer picture of how each team member fits into the company’s reputation as a whole.

6. Outshine your competition!
Most companies don’t prioritize feedback. If they do, it’s often in the form of open-ended questions in email. They’re losing out on essential hiring metrics! In addition, potential employees may feel ignored or disrespected by recruiters who don’t ask them the simple questions, “how are you?” and “how is this process going for you?”

Low-pressure feedback forms and measuring results will let you improve faster than your competition. And that’s great news because candidates who feel heard — regardless of whether they get the job — are more likely to turn into advocates for your firm by telling their friends about you, referring potential future employees or even by becoming a customer themselves down the line.

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