Benefits of a Vendor-on-premise (VOP) or On-site Workforce Management Solution

On-site or Vendor-on-premise programs are cost-effective, compliant, and efficient. They offer a wide range of benefits for larger companies requiring high-volume staffing services, especially in the manufacturing or light industrial sectors. In this article, you will discover what a Vendor-on-premise (VOP) or On-site Workforce Management Solution is, what the benefits are, and how these benefits positively impact productivity.

What is a Vendor-on-premise or On-site Workforce Management Program Solution?

First, you may be wondering what a Vendor-on-premise or on-site labor program actually entails. Typically, staffing firms provide services to their business partners through branch office locations. However, larger staffing operations with high-volume needs may require a more hands-on workforce management approach, with staffing agencies onsite at the manufacturing facilities themselves.

In vendor-on-premise arrangements, staffing agencies are physically present to handle full-cycle workforce management, including recruitment, onboarding, training, supervision, day-to-day operations, and offboarding. These time-consuming tasks are delegated to an experienced on-site manager to handle various staffing-related responsibilities.

Why do I need a Vendor-on-premise or On-site Workforce Management Solution? What are the benefits?

Vendor-on-premise solutions streamline staffing processes, improve communication, and ensure efficient deployment and management of workers within business operations and production lines with high-volume staffing needs.

As previously mentioned, larger manufacturing facilities with high-volume staffing needs will benefit the most from an on-site workforce management solution. There are a few reasons why this is especially true for sizeable light industrial facilities.


Manufacturing facilities with multiple production lines and numerous shifts may have thousands of employees, and the need to scale their respective workforces up and down rapidly during peak periods can be problematic for internal hiring teams to handle independently. Staffing agencies specializing in light industrial and manufacturing sectors are professionals when it comes to high-volume staffing with short lead times. An on-site staffing program offers a holistic workforce solution, with a team of employment experts at the ready to activate large pools of ready-to-work candidates.

Additionally, VOP labor programs provide your business with workforce evaluation processes and up-to-date employment industry expertise so that you can plan ahead and predict peak production periods. This proactive approach results in less stress for you and your internal hiring professionals while providing peace of mind, knowing that production will not be negatively impacted by understaffed facilities.

Qualified Workers

Not only do staffing agencies provide a large pool of workers for peak production periods, but these candidates are also qualified and pre-screened, so you can trust that you are working with skilled talent. An on-site staffing team uses state-of-the-art technologies to screen candidates and then conducts skill-match interviews to ensure that workers have the experience and knowledge required to thrive in their manufacturing roles.

Recruiting & Process Efficiencies

A VOP labor program reduces downtime and costs through a more efficient recruiting process. On-site workforce programs reduce the time to fill workers in positions and ensure that you are adequately staffed. This means that there is more time for internal HR teams and operations to focus on manufacturing goals and production outputs instead of seeking, hiring, and retaining your contingent workforce. This results in not only a more efficient recruiting process but also more time for your teams to focus on business process improvements related to key operations functions.

Improved Safety & Compliance Measures

When you work with employment professionals onsite at your facility, there is an added level of risk management, compliance, and safety for your contingent workforce. On-site staffing programs provide you with experts at your manufacturing facility who are knowledgeable in safety requirements, which means that employees are trained to understand and adhere to the most up-to-date safety measures. Additionally, VOP labor programs offer other valuable services in this area, such as safety assessments, assistance with OSHA evaluations, consulting on safety equipment, and other risk management training when necessary.

In addition to enhanced safety measures, on-site staffing professionals understand the latest developments in employment law and regulations. This wealth of knowledge helps to ensure that your facilities are in full compliance with the multitude of ever-changing and geographic-specific legal requirements related to employment.

Performance Monitoring

Vendor-on-premise or On-site Workforce Management solutions offer unique performance metrics that can be utilized as your company continues to grow. These programs offer customizable reporting and metrics based on your company’s workforce goals, allowing you to monitor important statistics. Some key metrics may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Onboarding experience
  • Training feedback
  • Turnover
  • Time to fill
  • Attendance trends
  • Overtime hours
  • Retention ratios
  • Effectiveness of process improvement initiatives

The monitoring of these helps to identify room for improvement and supports your manufacturing operation’s long-term success with production related to contingent labor management.

Cost Savings

On-site Workforce Management or VOP programs provide manufacturing facilities with access to a team of dedicated employment-related professionals ready to help manage your workforce strategically. It’s no secret that labor management requires a lot of time and effort, but with a VOP, HR-related costs are reduced.

Additionally, an on-site staffing solution helps to drastically decrease the number of outside vendors required to manage a wide array of HR functions, making workforce management communications more streamlined and straightforward. Plus, with improved communication comes better control over onboarding, training, and compliance with your contingent labor, as everything is facilitated through a single team.

Overall, an on-site staffing program is a workforce solution that allows customers to consolidate employment agency vendors and enjoy enhanced reporting with process improvements. Next, we will cover how these measures improve productivity and create a widescale positive impact to your light industrial operation.

How can a Vendor-on-premise or On-site Workforce Management Solution positively impact productivity?

Vendor-on-premise or On-site Workforce Management solutions create positive impacts that improve productivity through reduced time-to-fill, process improvements, better worker engagement/retention, as well as integrated company culture.

Reduced Time-to-fill

On-site Workforce Management solutions handle the burdensome aspects, such as prescreening, onboarding, timekeeping, and more. However, they also help to reduce the time to fill for high-volume positions, resulting in readily available skilled workers that can increase productivity. When positions remain unfilled for too long, productivity is negatively impacted, and consequently, so is the bottom line. On-site Workforce Management solutions help to avoid this issue so that you can remain competitive and productive in the manufacturing sector for your products.

Process Improvements

As your relationship with a Vendor-on-premise team of experts develops, they will be able to help identify and improve process bottlenecks. Solutions could include technology improvements, automation of repetitive tasks, as well as training and development for internal team members.

Each of the aforementioned areas will lead to overall improved operations capabilities from the top down. Partnering with an experienced On-site Workforce Management provider that specializes in your industry provides valuable knowledge and expertise that you may not have the time or resources to access independently.

Workforce Engagement & Company Culture

Vendor-on-premise labor programs also provide valuable resources to workers that improve their skills, engagement, attendance, and retention. Addressing these areas leads to further productivity and facility output.

On-site staffing professionals are well-versed in addressing burnout, resulting in a positive culture shift and long-term worker engagement. With improved engagement comes improved productivity and workforce retention, which reduces turnover.

Plus, on-site staffing professionals can help to create improved connections, leading to positive cultural impacts across divisions. Improved connectivity helps to reduce turnover and creates an environment conducive to open communication between employees, managers, and on-site employment experts.

Partner with a Vendor-on-premise or On-site Workforce Management Provider

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