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Helping to Staff a New Manufacturing Facility

Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) offers a wide range of customizable employment solutions to meet each company’s hiring needs, whether it’s helping with large-volume temporary staffing, payrolling your contingent workforce, or finding the right professional to complete your team. We work alongside human resources managers, leadership team members, and other hiring professionals within your organization to ensure an efficient and timely process.
This workforce success story highlights how Doherty successfully utilized our employment expertise to help staff a new manufacturing facility for a watercraft manufacturing company in Minnesota.


This organization is a prominent watercraft manufacturer. Their company is comprised of over 200 employees with multiple facility locations throughout the United States and Canada. Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) partnered with one of their facilities in Minnesota to implement our strategic workforce solutions successfully.


Through Doherty’s initial workforce needs assessment and consultation with this company, we learned that the primary issues they were experiencing stemmed from the opening of a new manufacturing facility location that was geographically challenging to their workforce. Doherty’s team had a prior relationship with the company at a separate manufacturing location, where we were able to help fill strategic, professional roles in the engineering and supply chain sector. However, at the new facility location, the company was looking to fill a variety of production roles in an area where they were not familiar with the talent landscape. Doherty’s representative met with the local Human Resources (HR) contact to gain more transparency, insight, and understanding as to how our team could begin attracting candidates for placement at the new facility. What we learned is that the main issues pointed to a misunderstanding of workforce pricing concerns. In a strategic move to illustrate our commitment to the partnership with this company, Doherty adapted by negotiating the markup and facilitating a renewed agreement.

After that, communication and engagement improved, and our staffing team was able to better understand the preferences required for candidates in these production roles.

Unfortunately, shortly after this occurred, our main HR contact gave notice to separate from the company. Doherty’s representative proactively engaged with the facility’s new HR contact to introduce our partnership benefits, understand their workforce goals, and share the history of our relationship to get started on the right foot. Additionally, learning from past experiences, Doherty offered clarification regarding expectations for candidate quality and honed in on the facility’s emphasis on company culture. An additional challenge presented was the fact that this manufacturing facility was engaging with multiple staffing agencies for their workforce needs, which was overwhelming for the new HR contact and their local team.


Due to our team’s stellar communication, Doherty successfully addressed all aspects of this challenge. We worked with our internal staffing team to adjust the submittal process, aligning candidates’ skills and background experiences with this facility’s expectations for quality and company culture fit. We were able to quickly place a dozen candidates into production roles and coordinate multiple additional interviews in progress to create a continued positive talent supply trajectory. We received great feedback from the HR contact, and production team supervisors noted that these candidates were the strongest they had seen since the new facility opened.

Additionally, the new HR contact at this facility has moved toward utilizing fewer staffing agencies because of the strength of candidates Doherty has been able to provide.


As a result of our successful placements, both company contacts personally thanked our Doherty team for their efforts. The Production Supervisor at this facility stated, “The candidates Doherty has provided are the strongest we have seen since the facility opened.” Moreover, the candidates themselves reached out to express their gratitude. This positive interaction and feedback from both sides reinforced the success of the placements and the value we provided to both parties.


Key results include the placement of 16 candidates in a single quarter.

As illustrated in this workforce success story, Doherty is familiar with the challenges of staffing a new manufacturing facility and knows how to apply our 40+ years of employment expertise to craft a custom solution that can work for your business.
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