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Sourcing High-level Project Managers

Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) offers a wide range of customizable employment solutions to meet each company’s hiring needs, whether it’s helping with large-volume temporary staffing, payrolling your contingent workforce, or finding the right professional to complete your team. We work alongside human resources managers, leadership team members, and other hiring professionals within your organization to ensure an efficient and timely process.
This workforce success story highlights how Doherty successfully utilized our employment expertise to implement a tailored solution for an electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider.


This company is an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider of high-mix, high-complexity, start-to-finish manufacturing and supply chain solutions to companies in the Tech Industrial, Medical, and Aerospace/Defense industries. Partner location sites include facilities in CO, ID, MN, TX, and WI. Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) worked with their Minnesota facility to incorporate strategic workforce solutions to source talent for high-level Project Manager positions and light industrial manufacturing roles.


This facility was struggling with its applicant flow for various positions due to its current low-performing staffing partnerships, leading to slowed production and missing deadlines for large-volume product orders. Additionally, candidate reliability was a significant concern due to poor employee attendance and turnover rates. In addition, the facility’s internal hiring managers and team could not meet their employment needs after many months. They were stretched to their limits with administrative and time-consuming tasks related to the revolving door of employees at the manufacturing facility. “Not having top talent was killing us,” said their People and Culture Leader.


Our partnership initially began with the facility’s immediate employment challenge of finding talent to fill their Program/Project Manager roles. Doherty’s team of recruiters specializing in professional-level talent placement scheduled meetings with hiring managers to fully understand the aspects of the position, the culture of the company, and the challenges they were experiencing hiring Program/Project Managers. Our experienced recruiters then utilized their understanding of the manufacturing industry and local connections with people who were actively or passively seeking new opportunities to identify the proper individuals for these skilled positions. However, even with the success experienced at their facility through Doherty’s professional-level talent recruiters, conversations with the manufacturing hiring managers continued due to their struggle with low light industrial applicant flow and high employment needs. Doherty’s light industrial recruiting team then entered the relationship and began immediately staffing for their manufacturing roles in addition to their high-level Project/Program Management roles.


The most notable elements of success included realigning expectations for higher-level roles due to current candidate scarcity and removing various additional hiring steps to reduce friction. This accelerated the hiring process, allowing the facility to keep up with its employment pace while meeting today’s talent demands. Doherty’s light industrial recruiting team successfully coordinated an on-site hiring event with robust promotional fanfare, providing opportunities for talent to interview and tour the facility, giving them a true view into the company culture and a real-world feel for their manufacturing positions.


Key results include achieving a 100% hire rate at the MN facility, all cell team member positions filled within one month, and hiring successes leading to additional partnerships at other facility locations throughout the US.

As illustrated in this workforce success story, Doherty is familiar with the talent management challenges of sourcing high-level talent and knows how to apply our 40+ years of employment expertise to craft a custom solution that can work for your business.
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