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Recruiting Direct-hire Talent for Highly Skilled Positions

Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) offers a wide range of customizable employment solutions to meet each company’s hiring needs, whether it’s helping with large-volume temporary staffing, payrolling your contingent workforce, or finding the right professional to complete your team. We work alongside human resources managers, leadership team members, and other hiring professionals within your organization to ensure an efficient and timely process.
This workforce success story highlights how Doherty successfully utilized our employment expertise to implement a direct-hire solution for a sheet metal manufacturing company in Minnesota.


This organization is a leading sheet metal manufacturing company. Their company is comprised of approximately 200 employees, headquartered in Minnesota, with locations throughout the United States. Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) helped to implement direct-hire employment solutions at their Minnesota facility.


When Doherty initially began working with this facility, they did not have an existing partnership with a staffing agency and had been hesitant to begin a relationship due to subpar experiences with temporary workers in the past. Simultaneously, they were struggling to find direct hire workers with the experience that they were seeking for their Machine Operator and Maintenance positions. However, we took the initiative to build a relationship with the Plant Manager by visiting the site and gaining a better understanding of the specific skills and experience required. Our proactive approach and on-site visits were appreciated, as it was a novel experience for the Plant Manager.


After forming a relationship with the Plant Manager, Doherty began focusing on filling maintenance positions but faced challenges at first in finding suitable candidates. Throughout this process, the Plant Manager often sought advice and guidance about the market from our employment experts. During these discussions, we highlighted the availability of high-level Machine Operators who could potentially learn and perform the necessary maintenance tasks. This approach is how we successfully found candidates who were a great fit for these highly skilled positions. We were able to fill all Machine Operator roles at the facility. This helped the Plant Manager not to rely solely on internal hiring, which had been both challenging and costly. They recognized our abilities in finding suitable candidates and considered Doherty’s employment experts as trusted advisors.


Doherty successfully navigated different hiring philosophies within the company due to the Plant Manager advocating for our services because of the cost benefits we offered with our direct-hire solution. By working with us, this facility has been able to tap into a wider talent pool and expand its horizons when it comes to hiring candidates for these manufacturing positions. Our commitment to understanding their machinery and the specialized skills required to run them was demonstrated through our Doherty representative’s tour of their facility and willingness to learn, which provided us with a firsthand understanding of what was required.

Some of our key metrics with this company’s hiring challenges include our ability to achieve a 100% fill rate for Machine Operator roles. Additionally, in the past six months, we have drastically improved the retention rate at this facility. The consistency of available top talent has led to company growth and increased production revenue.

Based on our successful partnership, this facility is considering the possibility of adding another shift for Machine Operators, which is a testament to the positive outcomes we have achieved together.


Key results include a 100% candidate placement rate and improved employee retention.

As illustrated in this workforce success story, Doherty is familiar with the challenges of recruiting direct-hire talent for highly skilled positions and knows how to apply our 40+ years of employment expertise to craft a custom solution that can work for your business.
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