Case Studies

Building a Seasonal Talent Pool


A global leader in the seed industry.


When we first met this company, they were utilizing four different staffing providers but consistently unable hit their workforce numbers required to meet plant production goals. The company’s facility resides in a small, rural town in Iowa, and had high volume needs during the peak harvest season. Due to the fluctuating workforce needs for their seasonal operation, they needed to outsource their staffing services, even though they had created their own pool of temporary workers with local farmers. They were very skeptical that if four service providers could not meet their expectations, how would only one?


Doherty lacked a physical office in the client’s facility location, but based on our performance at another facility location, we were an internal recommendation. Based on their needs, we recognized the fact that they would best be served with our on-site workforce management model. Leveraging the client’s name, we designed, implemented, and executed a highly-effective, aggressive recruiting plan to draw in candidates needed to create a pool of temporary employees. We pre-identified the temporary positions and agreed that only Doherty would recruit for those positions and that employees hired into those positions would become eligible for full-time employment. We suggested that they maintain their relationships with all current providers, but that pre-identified positions would be recruited exclusively by Doherty, due to the high workforce turnover at other providers.


Within three months, Doherty was the only provider and all staffing positions were filled at a 95% or higher. This allowed the client to make production deadlines/goals, delivering their products to market in a timely manner. Doherty’s recruited pool of temporary candidates grew to the point that there was a waiting list of individuals who wanted to work for our client.

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