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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) offers a wide range of customizable employment solutions to meet each company’s hiring needs, whether it’s helping with large-volume temporary staffing, payrolling your contingent workforce or finding the right professional to complete your team. We work alongside human resources managers, leadership team members, and other hiring professionals within your organization to ensure an efficient and timely process.
This workforce success story highlights how Doherty successfully utilized our employment expertise to implement a tailored solution for an employer in the food production industry.


A leading egg ingredient producer with global distribution.


Located on the outskirts of a small town, hiring workers at this company’s food manufacturing facility was a constant battle. The company was using multiple staffing providers to help, but their efforts lacked the desired results. Turnover among the company’s workforce was over 70% and they were losing qualified employees faster than the staffing providers could hire and place them. The company was not sure if adding another staffing provider would make much of an impact, and they were not comfortable with an exclusive provider contract.


Unemployment rates were extremely low for the area, and projections indicated a continued downward trend. In a tight labor market, finding people to commute to a remote work site for a temporary assignment was going to be more than Doherty’s usual recruiting challenge. Our recommendation was a modified Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) hiring model. This would allow Doherty representatives to identify candidates that specifically wanted to work in the egg ingredient producer industry and recognize the company brand, making the client an employer of choice. To initially launch the RPO, we suggested they keep their current staffing providers, but as the temporary workers from other staffing providers were hired as full-time, direct employees of the company, Doherty would be given the exclusive opportunity to replace those temporary positions with full-time, direct opportunities.


By recruiting for full-time, direct employees through the RPO hiring model, and implementing an employee retention strategy, Doherty was able to reduce the company’s workforce turnover by 40%. Doherty also became the exclusive staffing service provider and today continues to partner with the company for strategic workforce solutions.

As illustrated in this workforce success story, Doherty is familiar with the talent management challenges with recruitment process outsourcing and knows how to apply our 40+ years of employment expertise to craft a custom solution that can work for your business.
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