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Ultimately it is the purpose of all business enterprises to produce maximum profits through increased revenues and cost control. As the largest line item expense in every corporation’s budget, personnel costs demand regulation. APRU (Advanced Platform | Resources Unlimited) provides management oversight to ensure market-competitive bill rates/direct hire fees while maintaining quality standards in personnel submissions.

APRU's contingent workforce management system enables the process of procuring, organizing, and managing not only the contingent and project-based personnel but also for full-time positions using time tested components. By centralizing the procurement of contract/temporary/ full-time employees, improved efficiency is achieved. APRU is scalable to link you with candidates and approved staffing services, providing not only effective search and procurement capabilities, but also incorporating tracking and reporting functionality to accurately chart your return on investment and increased productivity.

Top 5 APRU Advantages:

1. 10-30% savings on total contingent spend

  • Review, consolidate and streamline global supplier sources for the entire organization
  • Standardized ordering process for contingent workers with improved hiring efficiencies
  • Enabling company personnel to focus on core competencies
  • Improving commitment level of staffing suppliers by earning volume discounts

2. Avoid (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) SOX and other compliance problems

  • Providing tighter controls over procurement practices
  • Insurance certificates
  • Proper authorization for expenditures
  • Management of on-boarding and off-boarding forms

3. Visibility and control of all external contingent spend

  • Standardized reports and performance measurements
  • Centralized budgeting and billing of contingent workforce on single consolidated invoice
  • All contingent spend is in program – containing maverick spend

4. Mitigate risks associated with co-employment and 1099 management

  • Contractual control of contingent workforce
  • ALL spend is approved consistently
  • Centralized control of labor relations

5. Foster Supplier Competition

  • Build relationships with diverse group of suppliers
  • Vendor Neutral
  • Negotiated market rates based on local benchmarking standards

Here are 10 strong signs that tell a business they need to get a Vendor Management System (VMS).

Doherty offers a customization VMS solution to fit your unique workforce needs. Learn more by visiting www.APRU.com.

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