Technical and Skilled Trades

Recruiting For Talent With Unique Technical Experience

Manufacturing companies are where things are made in America, and manufacturing is essential to our economy. Production and manufacturing jobs vary; workforce experience depends on the products being made, as well as the workplace, and the work performed in each facility is very different from one to the other.

Doherty has the experience in hiring specialized technical and skilled manufacturing workers for positions including technicians, welders, engineers, machine operators, quality managers, floor supervisors, maintenance workers, line workers, forklift drivers, and many more. Whatever is needed to get a product designed, produced and into the marketplace is a manufacturing job we can help with.

Why We’re The Experts

Our staffing specialists search through our extensive candidate database to rapidly identify the best individuals for your particular business and unique product lines. We evaluate each person’s skills, preferences, and experience to compare them to the requirements of the position. In addition, we ensure your workforce is trained and suited for the various environmental conditions present at a manufacturing plant.

With our wide variety of recruiting technology resources, Doherty is able to attract quality, skilled candidates for a variety of specialized technical positions within various industrial-related facilities.

Doherty has been recognized for providing innovative employment solutions throughout the Midwest since 1980. Let us bring our expertise to work for you.

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