Recruitment Process Outsourcing

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Simply put, RPO is having an external provider take charge of some or all of a company’s recruitment process. This means handling everything from finding candidates, to interviewing them, and advising in the final stages of the hiring decision. RPO providers supply employers the technology and the expertise to help lower recruiting costs and perform these processes without the company hiring an internal team.

Why choose an RPO Solution?

  • Reduce Hiring Expenses | In order to recruit the best people, you need a strong recruiting team of trained and experienced professionals. A successful internal recruiting team can be expensive and adds burden to the bottom line. Cost-per-hire, along with time-per-hire decreases dramatically when recruitment functions are outsourced.
  • Increase Core Business Focus | In the absence of an internal recruiting team, companies rely on individual hiring managers to deal with recruitment. This ties up important resources and reduced productivity in many other areas. Outsourcing your recruitment processes leads to greater efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Attract the Best Candidates | In today’s hiring climate, it’s tough to attract the best candidates. Outsourcing recruitment processes will provide you with experts who focus on attracting the best candidates, and also choose the most suitable ones because we have a better understanding about how to advertise job openings, as well as source and screen top talent.
  • Reduce Turnover Rate | With training, environment acclimation and job requirements, constant change in the company’s workforce is the last thing you want. Turnover rates are directly influenced by the recruitment process. If you outsource the recruitment process of your company, more suitable employees will be placed through higher quality practices.
  • Perception of Fairness | When a third party is responsible for the recruitment process, it frees the company from any favoritism. This gives the employees a feeling of equality which can bring about more harmony among your team. More importantly, without favoritism, it is more likely that the best candidates will be chosen for the open positions.
  • Faster Growth | With a better recruitment process in place, more suitable candidates being chosen, and important resources being freed up for core business functions, your organization is much more likely to have growth. Outsourced processes ensure that recruitment is done quicker and more efficiently, with less strain on employees.
  • Greater Expertise | In our experience, it is unlikely that some companies have all the in-house expertise required to operate a successful recruitment process. When outsourced, you gain benefits from the outside expertise the company provides, improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the recruitment process.

RPO Benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • Soaring Hiring Manager Satisfaction
  • More Recruiters to Get the Job Filled
  • More Candidate Resources
  • Quicker Time to Fill
  • Scalability
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Better Candidate Care
  • A Consistent and Predictable Hiring Process
  • Better Quality Hires
  • Better Analytics and Reporting
  • Enhanced Employer Brand

Ready for an RPO Solution?

RPO has evolved into a cost-efficient, customizable recruiting option for smaller organizations. Early adopters tell us that RPO delivers significant value in flexibility, quality, cost reduction, and people-process-technology improvements. Successful RPO execution requires a desire to improve efficiency and build rigor into the process, as well as a strong commitment to change management and leadership buy-in.

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