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Recruiting has become a complex task involving not only the attraction of qualified candidates to open positions, but also the evaluation of the candidates to find the best fit for the role. In fact, talent acquisition specialists spend 35% of the hiring process on skill assessments to simply narrow the candidate pool for interviews. With the average timeline to complete the candidate selection process (interviewing to hiring) being 23 days (according to Glassdoor), there is tremendous pressure to find the best candidates and get them through the funnel quickly and accurately.

Why We’re The Experts

We know that just because someone includes a laundry list of software & skills on their resume, doesn’t mean they know how to use them.

In addition to staffing and recruiting services, Doherty also offers a wide range of screening assessments to help hiring managers find the right candidates in their talent pool without investing in expensive screening platforms which often demand lengthy service contracts.

Instead, save time, resources, and headaches by partnering with Doherty to perform the pre-work assessments of your candidates. Doherty offers a wide range of online assessments via Prove It! to screen candidates for anything from typing abilities to Microsoft applications to industry-specific software, and can customize testing to your needs within the open position(s).

For drug and background testing, Doherty trusts Asurint to assure compliance with State and Federal guidelines for our candidates, and we can offer Asurint’s services to our clients as a separate service.

Doherty has been recognized for providing innovative employment solutions throughout the Midwest since 1980. Let us bring our expertise to work for you.

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