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"During my time volunteering with Community Pathways in Faribault, MN, I had the opportunity to work closely with the organization's team. I had the privilege of directly assisting individuals and offering support wherever it was needed. It was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to contribute to the organization's mission while making a positive impact on the lives of those we served. I am grateful to Doherty for granting me the opportunity to dedicate my time to serving the local community."
Leslie V.
Career Solutions Recruiter
"Volunteering at the Salvation Army Toy Shop was such a great experience. We were able to help hundreds of families in our community during the Christmas season while also growing stronger together as a team. I look forward to volunteering again!"
Lauren M.
Marketing Design Specialist
"This past winter, I volunteered with a few Central Services team members from HR, Compliance, and Operations at Dress for Success. We spent a few hours organizing a TON of clothes that had been donated to the organization. It was so rewarding to give back to the community within such a wonderful organization, as well as being able to spend quality time outside of the office with coworkers."
Kelanie M.
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
"I had the opportunity to volunteer at Community Pathways of Steele County in Owatonna. On this particular day, our team was volunteering in the food shelf section where we were loading carts and stocking the shelves with product. There happened to be a blizzard going on which resulted in the schools closing. Milk that would go to waste due to school closures is donated to the food shelf, so I truly feel like we were there on the perfect day to help with all the deliveries! Their team was also very grateful for all the help we were able to provide. I love that we are encouraged to volunteer and I'm looking forward to doing it again!"
Kari H.
Area Trainer and Marketing Coordinator