Medical Assembly

Staffing For Workers Who Produce Healthcare Products

The medical device and technology sector is soaring, and Doherty understands the unique workforce needs of production facilities in this growing industry. To successfully match an employee to your open positions and requirements, we customize the pre-screening and skills testing processes to include math, matching, counting, color identification, ruler, dexterity, microscope, or other specific capabilities.

Whether you’re staffing for higher volume projects, recruiting for specific skill sets or building flexibility into your workforce, a partnership with Doherty means an innovative staffing solution tailored to your business. We specialize in high-volume, seasonal, and hard-to-fill positions.

Why We’re The Experts

Our staffing specialists search through our extensive candidate database to rapidly identify the best individuals for your particular business. We record and evaluate each person’s skills, preferences, and experience to ensure they match the requirements of the position. In addition, we ensure your workforce is trained and suited for the sensitive environment often present within a medical production facility.

With our wide variety of recruiting resources, Doherty is able to attract quality, skilled candidates for a variety of production positions within medical device and technology companies.

  • Medical Assembly
  • Microscope
  • Soldering
  • Cleanroom
  • Machine Operators
  • Warehouse Personnel
  • Quality Control
  • Research & Development
  • Regulatory Affairs

Doherty has been recognized for providing innovative employment solutions throughout the Midwest since 1980. Let us bring our expertise to work for you.

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