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Warehouse Ramp & Retention Strategies

Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) offers a wide range of customizable employment solutions to meet each company’s hiring needs, whether it’s helping with large-volume temporary staffing, payrolling your contingent workforce, or finding the right professional to complete your team. We work alongside human resources managers, leadership team members, and other hiring professionals within your organization to ensure an efficient and timely process.
This workforce success story highlights how Doherty successfully utilized our employment expertise to implement a tailored solution for an employer in the manufacturing industry.


This organization is a leading board game manufacturing company comprised of 200-500 employees. Doherty Staffing Solutions (Doherty) successfully implemented strategic workforce strategies at this company’s Lino Lakes, MN, facility.


This facility was struggling with its applicant flow and quality for a variety of positions and needed some quick staffing ramp-up within the warehouse due to seasonal demands.


To address the hiring challenges for this facility, Doherty proposed a temp-to-hire program with a fast-track process, which reduced the interview to offer timeline. After two thorough local compensation analyses, Doherty’s solution involved a recommendation to increase pay rates to remain competitive for these roles and attract qualified talent.


Doherty successfully helped the company competitively align their pay by increasing hourly wages by $1.00-$2.00 across all shifts. With the compensation adjustment, Doherty was able to provide 15+ new employees to start in just one week. Additionally, Doherty maintained around 45%-47% retention throughout the partnership with their hired workforce.

Our client shared, “Finding individuals in a short amount of time was a huge challenge, as we don’t have a bench of employees looking to work. We also struggled to attract talent, but our hiring partner (Doherty) marketed our jobs, brand, and culture on our behalf, which greatly increased our talent pipeline and employee referrals. We are able to keep our warehouse fully staffed through busy seasons, allowing us to keep our customers happy.”


Key results include over 15 qualified candidates placed within one week of working with Doherty and an improved workforce retention rate (47%) since incorporating this staffing solution.

As illustrated in this workforce success story, Doherty is familiar with the talent management challenges of ramping up and retaining warehouse talent for a busy season and knows how to apply our 40+ years of employment expertise to craft a custom solution that can work for your business.
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