Top Benefits of Partnering with a Payrolling Services Provider

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How does payrolling (or Employer of Record) work?

When payrolling occurs as part of a workforce management strategy, a company’s external (contingent/contract) workers are placed onto the payroll of a trusted business partner to handle their compensation, benefits and onboarding. The biggest difference between this version of payrolling and the more frequently referenced one is the employer of record component. Here’s how this strategic version of payrolling works…

As a company, you know who you want working for your business and have already identified them as key assets for specific projects or roles. These individuals could be freelancers, interns, retirees or employees who have worked with your company previously. Instead of your business hiring them directly, they will work through Doherty Staffing as contingent employees. As the employer of record, we provide excellent employer-related services to these workers, while they take project direction and instructions from you, providing their valuable expertise for your business. Rather than being employed directly by your company, they are compensated through Doherty, hence the term “payrolling”.

At Doherty, we’ve developed a customized, scalable payrolling services program to allow our clients the competitive advantage of working with pre-identified talent, while our employment experts take on the administrative side of the work relationship. Doherty handles all the employment paperwork, onboarding, offboarding, and payroll processing duties. Your company enjoys a consistent, compliant process for external workers, with less headaches and excellent customer service.

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