There's Nothing Soft About Soft Skills

Soft Skills in Today's Workforce

There’s a lot of buzz about soft skills these days and a growing awareness that these personality traits, habits, and behaviors are key to professional success. It might seem that soft skills in the workplace such as emotional intelligence, creativity and flexibility wouldn't matter as much in an era of non-stop technological innovation. On the contrary, they're more important than ever. These are uniquely human capabilities that can't be replaced or automated; they're like our superpowers!

Often misunderstood, it's important to clarify what is meant by the term "soft skills". Some think it's the ability to be nice or friendly - but "soft" simply means that these skills aren't easily measurable.

But, what role to they actually play in the workplace and beyond? Indeed’s research experts reveal insights into the value of unlocking your employees’ soft skills and how they can pave the way for future success in your business.

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