Doherty Staffing Solutions Partners with Branch to Help Workers Access Earned Wages Easier and More Quickly

It’s unfortunate, but many employees enter the workforce unbanked due to costly fees and minimum deposit requirements. Some individuals are forced to use check-cashing services or payday lenders that eat away at their earnings. Doherty Staffing Solutions wants to empower our workforce to access their earned wages easier and more quickly. We’re taking steps to accomplish that goal by offering Branch to our workforce.

According to Branch, financial instability is a real problem and worry for many people. Helping employees manage their finances lowers their stress level, allowing them to focus on their work and take care of their families.

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Branch is a Minneapolis, MN based mobile technology company that makes a financial wellness app for employers to offer a free, digital checking account and debit card for hourly workers. Employees who use the debit card get instant advances against their earned wages for free. For those who have a debit card with an existing banking institution, access to their earned wages is available for a small transaction fee. Branch’s checking account has no fees or minimum balance requirements for those who open an account.

Branch is a voluntary benefit offered to Doherty Staffing Solutions employees to help eliminate the cycle of financial hardship, debt, and stigma that often goes unseen in the workplace. Outside of the checking account and new debit card, Branch also offers hourly workers tools to help them manage their cash flow from one paycheck to the next.

Employees can visit to learn more about Branch and how it can benefit them!

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