Doherty Employment Group participated in a denim recycling effort for national initiative, Blue Jeans Go Green.

Doherty Employment Group held a donation drive in partnership with Cotton Incorporated’s recycling initiative Blue Jeans Go Green™. The national program repurposes denim into UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation for the homes and buildings of communities in need.

Doherty’s denim drive was spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Valerie Doherty. An advocate for green initiatives, she explains how the program was first introduced to her.

“The Blue Jeans Go Green initiative came to my attention in April. While catching up on the latest headlines, I happened upon a news broadcast where Sheryl Crow, one of my favorite artists, was explaining how Habitat for Humanity’s Build-A-Thon in New Orleans was actively collecting mass amounts of old blue jeans for upcycling into sheets of insulation to be used in the homes.”

When asked why she was interested in participating in this initiative, Val added, “Our employees love being involved in charitable initiatives, and I just thought what a simple, yet impactful way to help with this life-changing project.”

She said, “Who doesn’t have an old pair of jeans collecting dust in their closet - what good are they doing there? We set up our Blue Jeans Go Green collection at Doherty right away, and I’m very pleased with our people’s contribution to this worthy cause.”

Doherty employees donated over 70 pounds of denim to the program. What happens next? According to Cotton Incorporated, their recycling process simply reverses the method used to make denim from raw cotton until the material is back to its original fiber state. It is then reprocessed into natural cotton fiber insulation and treated with a borate solution to protect from fire, mold and mildew. A large fraction of the insulation is sent to non-profit organization Habitat for Humanity, but grants are also awarded to public institutions across the country.

About Blue Jeans Go Green
To date, the Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling program has collected more than 1 million pieces of denim. These efforts have diverted over 600 tons of waste out of landfills and will generate approximately 2 million square feet of UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation to assist with building efforts. Learn more at

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