Are you guilty of these LinkedIn photo no-no's?

Whoever said "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover" didn't have a LinkedIn account.

On social media (and LinkedIn in particular) the fact is unavoidable: your profile photo is the first impression that someone has of you. Is your cat in the photo? Is there enough light on your face, or are you going for a "Batman in the shadows" vibe? What kind of message are you really sending to prospective employers, esteemed colleagues, and valuable networking connections?

Your photo should be clean and professional so it portrays you as a credible person to connect with. Check out this infographic (via Undercover Recruiter) on the top 8 LinkedIn profile photo mistakes. If you find that your photo needs improvement, don't worry. (This is a safe space.) Here are some tips for improving your profile photo to get you feeling like a LinkedIn superstar.

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