Blog posts from February 2021

Doherty Named "Great Recruiters Certified 2021"

Great Recruiters Certified 2021 emblem, Doherty The Employment Experts Logo
Doherty | The Employment Experts is proud to announce that the company has been named Great Recruiters Certified 2021 by Great Recruiters, a leading experience and reputation management platform specifically designed for recruiting and staffing organizations. Great Recruiters Certified 2021 recipients have earned this distinction by putting into place and following processes to ensure a great experience for their candidates and customers, as well as displaying review ratings that demonstrate their commitment to the highest level of recruitment practices. These recipients...

Employees Participate in Wear Red Day to Support Company Donation to the American Heart Association

American Heart Association Image-red-heart waves
According to the American Heart Association, every 40 seconds a loved one has a heart attack or stroke. We can protect the hearts we love by wearing red to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease. How? On Friday, February 5, 2021, all employees were invited to participate in National Wear Red Day 2021! For each employee who wore red that day, our company pledged a donation to the American Heart Association. After final count, the donation amount totaled $1,360. The American Heart Association will utilize the donation for lifesaving work...

Workforce Planning: The Strategy Behind "Strategic Staffing"

Workforce planning header image, strategy, puzzle pieces
The Strategy Behind Strategic Staffing A company’s annual budgeting process generally requires managers to project personnel requirements for the upcoming fiscal period. Unfortunately, this task offers little value beyond influencing the short-term allocation of corporate funds. Besides narrowly focusing on a single year, needs are typically assessed in relation to the status quo. Yet the harsh reality is that the business world is changing at a dizzying pace, and what makes sense today may not a year from now. Technology, in particular, is constantly redefining the nature of work. And...
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