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Doherty Launches New Mobile App for Job Seekers and Employees

Doherty App for Job Seekers
Job seekers and Doherty employees can now browse career opportunities with ease and find their next job with the new Doherty Jobs app. Doherty Staffing Solutions, a Minnesota-based staffing, recruiting and placement agency, has launched a mobile app to provide job seekers another way to browse and apply for opportunities conveniently from their mobile device, smart phone or tablet. From initial search to apply, the Doherty Jobs app helps throughout the entire process of finding new employment opportunities with Doherty’s client companies. “When we realized how many of our employees and...

Are you guilty of these LinkedIn photo no-no's?

Whoever said "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover" didn't have a LinkedIn account. On social media (and LinkedIn in particular) the fact is unavoidable: your profile photo is the first impression that someone has of you. Is your cat in the photo? Is there enough light on your face, or are you going for a "Batman in the shadows" vibe? What kind of message are you really sending to prospective employers, esteemed colleagues, and valuable networking connections? Your photo should be clean and professional so it portrays you as a credible person to connect with. Check out this infographic...

Throwback Thursday: National Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? For Throwback Thursday, we dug up some old safety posters from the National Safety Council. Check back next Thursday for more retro posters!

What Does Your Messy Workspace Say About You?

You may know where everything is on your messy desk, but what does your cluttered space say about you to co-workers and superiors? Are you missing out on career-defining opportunities because your peers think you lack organizational skills? People associate a host of traits with organization – maturity, discipline, value, focus and more. If you are known as the untidy, disorganized employee, you may be unknowingly viewed in an unflattering light. Even if you are leaps and bounds more mature than the office class clown, there is a possibility that your disorganization can put you in the same...

Veterans Day: An Early Celebration

Many people and businesses acknowledge Veterans Day when the national holiday arrives on November 11th each year, but how many of us are honoring these heroes of the past, present and future all year round? It’s so easy to get swept up in our busy routines right away again on November 12th and put our appreciation for veterans on the backburner until next year. It doesn’t help that lately it seems as if every day is a new holiday demanding attention of its own. If you need proof, just check what’s trending on Twitter when you wake up in the morning: #nationalfriendshipday...

The 3 stages of a successful job interview

The 3 stages of a successful job interview: Before, during, and after
Job interviews have 3 stages. Are you ready for every stage? Here's an infographic from Doherty explaining the basic do's and don'ts for a successful job interview process.

Honesty the Best Policy on Résumés

Honesty the Best Policy on Résumés
The importance of being honest on one’s résumé has once again been in the news. This time by up and coming college basketball coach Steve Masiello who led a small school to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 10 years. This put him on the shortlist of desired coaches, and he was offered a job by a more prominent school. The offer was rescinded this week after it was revealed he never graduated with the Bachelor’s Degree. Two years ago, the CEO of Yahoo met the same...

Resume Hack: Don't get lost in the HR forest

Resume Hack: Don't get lost in the HR forest
2 Quick Tips to Keep Your Resume on Top of the Pile In HR and everywhere else, there's been a gradual migration away from paper resumes and file cabinets, and toward digital documents and virtual folders. However, one thing will never change in HR‒the critical need to stay organized. Something as simple as the type or name of your resume document can play a big part in helping managers store and access your resume. After all, why make things difficult for the person who might hire you? Tip #1: PDF or Not? In today’s world, HR departments use Applicant Tracking...

How job interviews are changing: Gamification and other tech tools

How job interviews are changing: Gamification and other tech tools
I read an interesting article from Forbes the other day, "Want To Work Here? Play This Game First!" It describes a new “interviewing” method in which a hiring manager hands you a tablet and asks you to play some games for an hour. You are left in the room alone, interacting with the tablet rather than the interviewer. Supposedly, it tracks your moves, and can show the hiring manager how fast you learn, your processes, behaviors, and even how you approach risks. It is a very interesting...


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