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Recruiting for Engineering Roles

Employment Solutions for Engineering Roles

Engineers Build the Bottom Line for Businesses

Whether you build cars, skyscrapers, pipelines, airplanes, or roadways—hiring and retaining qualified engineers is crucial. Finding engineers who are the right fit for your organization is getting tougher, and the hiring process is only going to get longer and more costly for companies who recruit for these key positions on their own.

Why We’re the Employment Experts

At Doherty, we understand the skills and reliability you’re looking for with engineering talent. Our leading edge recruiting technology partners and large talent base of experienced professional candidates allow us to find and deliver the quality candidates your company needs. We work with actively and passively searching professionals; the best candidates are carefully evaluated, screened and pre-qualified before we introduce them to you.

Read more about our advanced recruiting process that yields real results! If you're looking to fill a key role quickly and efficiently, our Employer In Office (EIO) hiring strategy is for you.

Doherty has been recognized for providing innovative employment solutions throughout the Midwest since 1980. Let us bring our expertise to work for you.

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