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EIO Hiring Solution

Employer in Office (EIO) Direct Hire Strategy

Our Employment Experts offer a powerful hiring strategy that combines our recruiting expertise with your company’s employment needs, in the current workforce climate. Our Employer In Office (EIO) model not only yields exceptional results with ideal candidate placement, it also saves your company precious time, effort, and resources.

Why the EIO Model Works

  • Back-to-back interviews in a distraction-free environment help with accurate comparison and provide dedicated focus on each candidate.
  • Time savings is achieved due to the streamlined interview process. After the first round is complete, your company decides which candidate(s) proceed to the next round.
  • Interview timelines are strictly enforced (30-40 minutes per candidate) to ensure your schedule is respected. In our experience, the first five to ten minutes are the most important for evaluating personality fit with your company.
  • The debrief occurs immediately with both the candidates and your company representatives. This feedback helps advance the process so the best candidate(s) are quickly identified and notified of next steps.

Model Breakdown: 100 | 10 | 4

100 | Our recruiters reach out to at least 100 candidates with backgrounds matching the specific skill set required for your open position(s).

10 | We personally meet with ten of the most qualified candidates to assess their “fit” from both an aptitude and cultural standpoint.

4 | Representatives from your company meet the top four candidates at our office for initial, formal interviews, which are coordinated by our team.

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