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Blog posts from March 2015

Doherty celebrates 35 years in business

Doherty Employment Group Celebrates 35 Years 2015 marks an important milestone for family-owned Doherty Employment Group, as the company celebrates 35 years of excellence in employment services. March 31, 2015 | Minneapolis, MN ~ Doherty Employment Group, widely recognized as an industry-leading staffing and human resources outsourcing company, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. In April 1980, Timothy Doherty founded the company with little more than the financial backing of his parents’ home mortgage, two employees (including his mother) and the...

What Does Your Messy Workspace Say About You?

You may know where everything is on your messy desk, but what does your cluttered space say about you to co-workers and superiors? Are you missing out on career-defining opportunities because your peers think you lack organizational skills? People associate a host of traits with organization – maturity, discipline, value, focus and more. If you are known as the untidy, disorganized employee, you may be unknowingly viewed in an unflattering light. Even if you are leaps and bounds more mature than the office class clown, there is a possibility that your disorganization can put you in the same...
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